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Dr. Frederick's Original Tailbone Pain Relief Cushion - Firm Memory Foam Coccyx

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Dr. Frederick's Original BreatheTEC Memory Foam Tailbone Cushion - Non Slip - Washable Cover - Orthopedic Coccyx & Hemorrhoid Seat Pad Brand New About the Product MEDIUM FIRM - Made of premium material for optimal firmness to relieve aches and pains. NONSLIP BOTTOM - Bottom surface grips your seat for more stability and safety. BREATHETEC MATERIAL - Proprietary flow-through design Prevents sweating around the thighs. DUAL SIDE HANDLES - Easily grip and adjust the positioning or use as convenient carrying handles. EASY TO CLEAN - Simply remove outer mesh fabric and place in your washing machine to clean. Product descriptionRelieve pain and sit comfortably with this medium-firm seat insert. U-shaped design faces toward your tailbone to provide relief for tailbone pain, hemorrhoids, anal pain, birth injuries and more. Specifically relieves pressure on the coccyx and anal area.Don't sweat the small stuff - the breathable, flow-through design prevents excess heat and sweat around the thighs and buttocks.Medium-firmness prevents the seat from flattening and allows it to retain its original shape for longer.Nonslip bottom surface prevents slipping and sliding on hard surfaces, making it a safer product for those of all ages.A must-have when sitting for long periods of time, such as while working on the computer, sitting in a wheelchair, or even while flying on a plane.Easy to clean. Simply remove the outer mesh layer and place in your washing machine with the rest of your laundry. Note: I am not the manufacture. ...

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