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Daily Multivitamin Supplement Power Pack by Healthy VIDA - Vitamin Daily Packets

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Daily Multivitamin Supplement Power Pack by Healthy VIDA - Excellent Source of Calcium Magnesium Vitamin D & Zinc - With Vitamins A C & E Brand New $54.99 MSRP Manufactured 01/18/2017 (Expires 2 years after manufacture date) As you see in the picture I took the lot number is the manufacture date the product expires 2 years after the manufacture date. About the product FEEL BETTER EACH DAY - Let The Vitamins And Minerals Take Their Course Each Day Helping Your Body Recover For The Daily Demands Modern Life BringsFEEL MORE ENERGY - Perfect Balance Of 22 Concentrated Fruits And Veggies, 23 Vitamins & Minerals And Brain Booster To Give You The Energy You CraveGIVE YOUR BODY WHAT IT NEEDS - With Just One Tablet A Day, You Can Help Your Body Get All The Nutrients, Vitamins, And Minerals It Needs To Stay Healthy And StrongGIVE YOUR BRAIN A BOOST - With Dha Your Brain Will Get Exactly What It Needs For Better Health And Cognitive Function Product descriptionBenefits:• DHA Essential for brain health and cognitive function• Mineral content naturally optimized to maximize bone health• Supplies calcium and trace minerals to aid in muscle metabolismFeatures:• 22 concentrated Fruits & Vegetables• 23 Vitamins & Minerals• Brain booster ...

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