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WildHorn Outfitters Outpost Double/Single Camping Hammock with 11’ Tree Straps

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Outpost Double Camping Hammock With 11’ Tree Straps - 100% Parachute Nylon - Cinch Buckle Design, No Knots Required - Easiest Hammock To Hang Brand New Color: Serenity Size: Double About the Product WHY IS THE OUTPOST HAMMOCK WORTH IT? It works. It simply works. It is truly the easiest hammock to set up and take down. We don't claim to include a suspension system and then give you cheap rope, you don't have to tie knots, and we guarantee our products. We built the hammock because we were sick of the cheap, low quality offerings around. This hammock is worth it. Period.SIZE MATTERS - At 11 ft. long, the Outpost I hammock is the longest on the market. The extra length allows you more room to spread out on a diagonal angle and helps you lay flatter. The Outpost I is still lightweight and compact perfect for longer backpacking treks. It weighs in at 1 lbs 10 oz (LiteSpeed Included)HIGH QUALITY NYLON - Outpost Hammocks are constructed with 70D parachute nylon that is strong (Rated at 400 lbs but tested to over 1000 lbs), durable, and dries quickly. Best camp hammock on the market.GEAR FITS INTO ONE STUFF SACK - The Outpost and Litespeed Suspension System all fit conveniently into one integrated stuff sack making it portable (Packed Dimension 8"x6.5"x4.5") and easy to pack for travel, hiking, backpacking, the beach, or any outdoor adventure.HANG YOUR HAMMOCK IN SECONDS - Our best-in-class LiteSpeed suspension system is fast, strong and infinitely adjustable. Using cinch buckles made from cold rolled steel you can adjust your hammock to the perfect hanging angle. Spend less time setting up and more time hanging out. Our straps are made from reinforced 100% stretch-free, tree-friendly polyester. The Outpost was designed to take you to that "place", the one that knows you better than you know it. We built the hammock to take away any hassle, fuss or hoopla. It is simple, strong and complete. It truly is a fantastic hammock. So, whether you are going there to get away, or going there to share, it doesn’t matter to us. After all, it’s your Outpost, not ours. All Outpost Hammocks come with the best suspension kit out there, The LiteSpeed. The LiteSpeed kit features an easily adjustable cinch buckle design. How often have you not been able to hang between two trees because the straps wouldn’t allow it? With Litespeed straps you don't hassle with pre-installed loops like other suspension kits on Amazon. You will find your Outpost anywhere with this deluxe suspension kit. All Outpost hammocks are gathered at the end with Amsteel. Amsteel is an incredible synthetic fiber rope that is super light and thin (7/64 of an inch) yet has a breaking point of over 1600 lbs. We use genuine Amsteel exported from Canada. All Outpost hammocks pack into a convenient stuff sack. The Outpost I weighs in a 1 lbs. 10 oz. while the Outpost II weighs in at 2 lbs. 3 oz. It doesn't matter if you are camping, finding a vista, or relaxing in the backyard. These hammocks are ready for it. Both the Outpost I and Outpost II are 11' long. Making them some of the longest hammocks out there. Being longer than standard allows for more comfortable sleeping and sitting. We invite you to find your Outpost. Find that place that makes you more you. Go to relax, reconnect and rejuvenate. We promise that only good will come from finding your Outpost, setting up, and feeling alive again. ...

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