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Sous Vide Bags Kit for Anova Cookers 10 Food Vacuum Bags, 1 Hand Pump REUSEABLE

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Sous Vide Bags Kit for Anova Cookers 10 BPA Free Food Vacuum Sealed Bags, 1 Hand Pump, 2 Bag Sealing Clips, 6 Sous Vide Clips, REUSEABLE Easy to Use, Sealed Bags For Food by Sous Vide Ninja Brand New Features SOUS VIDE ESSENTIALS KIT - Includes 1 hand pump, 10 BPA Free Gallon Size vacuum sealed bags, 6 sous vide container clips and 2 sous vide bag vacuum bag sealing clips. All in one kit to get you started quickly using the sous vide method. SAFETY TESTED FOR HIGH TEMPERATURESVacuum Sealed Bags are BPA free, are made from FDA approved food safe material. Not only can you use them for cook safe sous vide cooking, they are freezer safe and are great for keeping vegetables and fruits fresherAFFORDABLE, EASY TO STORE and REUSEABLE! - Our hand vacuum pump is even small enough to take with you when you travel. It is easy to store and can be reused again and again. NO NEED FOR EXPENSIVE VACUUM MACHINE. Our bags can be reused up to 9 times and are quality double zip sealing bags. Our bags will SAVE YOU MONEY! One gallon size is large enough for an ENTIRE CHICKEN.EASY TO USE - Just seal the bag securely with the bag sealing clip, then vacuum seal the bag with the hand pump and you’re ready start cooking! Great at home or on the road. Use them for camping, picnics, hunting, fishing, you name it. Great for FREEZER STORAGE. Freezer burn is virtually eliminated. Our bags keep food fresh 5 times longer than other traditional storage methods. Perfect for semi-solid or solid foods such as meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts, fish, cheeses, coffee.ECO FRIENDLY FOOD VACUUM BAG SET – Because our bags are REUSEABLE vacuum bags they are friendly to the environment. Our bags are compatible with Anova Cookers, Sous Vide Supreme, Joule Soule Vide, Anova Sous Vide, Polyscience Sous Vide, Nomiku Sous Vide or Your Favorite Sous Vide Machine.Product DescriptionSous Vide Cooking is becoming the most popular way to cook and store great tasting food right at home! Sous Vide locks in flavor and cooks meats and vegetables to the perfection you’d expect in a five star restaurant. Sous Vide Ninja has gathered all the accessories you need to Sous Vide. Our 100% BPA free storage bags are also great for protecting foods from freezer burn.Our Kit has everything a beginner Sous Vide or professional Sous Vide needs to Sous Vide at home with ease. Our Kit Has Everything You Need To Create Sous Vide Magic – 1 Hand Vacuum Pump, 10 BPA Free One Gallon Sous Vide Vacuum Food Storage Bags, 2 Bag Vacuum Bag Sealing Clips and 6 Sous Vide Container Clips ECO FRIENDLY – Sous Vide Bags Are ReusableSAVE MONEY – No Need For Expensive Vacuum Sealer Machine or Food Saver Machine– Beginning Sous Vide Cooks, DIY Sous Vide And Sous Vide Professional Love Adding Our Kit to Their Sous Vide Equipment. Our bags are great for Sous Vide, Freezer Storage, Fresh Fruit Vegetable Storage– No Better Way to Keep Vegetables Fresh And Keep Fruit Fresh– Great For Keeping Expresso and Nuts Fresh Fresh Coffee Beans And Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans Stay Fresh In Our Food Storage Bags For Days! Save Money With Our Reusable Food Storage Bags– Safety Tested for High Temperatures– One Gallon Size is LARGE ENOUGH FOR ENTIRE CHICKEN! Reusable Food Storage Bags, Vacuum Hand Pump, Container Clips, Everything You Need To Start Using Your Favorite Sous Vide Machine!-Kits Compatible with Joule Sous Vide, Anova Sous Vide, Sous Vide Supreme, Nomiku Sous Vide Cookers. Our Kits will work great any Sous Vide Container or Sous Vide Rack.*PLEASE NOTE:The best way to clean the bags is by using a mixture of vinegar, dish soap and water. Put the mixture inside the bag, seal it lightly, shake it a few times and then rinse. Bags are ready to use again! This item is brand new. ...

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