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Pair of Premium Quality Ankle Straps For Cable Machines Best Ankle Cuff Leg

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Pair of Premium Quality Ankle Straps For Cable Machines - Best Ankle Cuff For Leg Workout Equipment - Cuffs For Leg Exercise And Workout Machine - Ideal Ankle Cable Straps For Men And Women Brand NewColor: Black Visit my store to see other fitness and supplements for sale. About the Product FUNCTIONALITY: RIMSPORTS' ankle straps can be used for cable machines and Glutes Exercise equipment and can help firm up your glutes workout These ankle cuffs are effective for exercise machines for legs, especially if you use these leg straps for exercises such as inner and outer thigh contractions, leg extensions, cable kickbacks, hip abduction, and cable lunges, to improve your leg game!VERSATILITY: You can use our RIMSPORTS' ankle straps for cable machine workout equipment, ankle straps for weight lifting, ankle straps for resistance bands, ankle straps for your glutes workout, glutes machine, glutes workout machine and almost any weight exercise machine These ankle straps for cable machines women love, because they come in squat pad pink, black, and blue, and are made from soft neoprene padding that cushions above and below the ankleQUALITY: These cable machine accessories aren't just regular ole' bands with ankle straps that can be used on workout machines, our RIMSPORTS' cable straps for workout are designed to fit any size, any body type, and any person who is serious about toning their legs and glutes Unlike other competitors that claim to be stronger, our uniquely designed ankle cuffs have triangular loops that help keep the straps securely in place and the cable clips stableSTRENGTH: Not only will our RIMSports cable machine attachments help you strengthen your lower body, but our ankle cuffs were designed with a longer velcro strap, so it can hug the ankle tightly, enabling you to lift more weights Our cable straps also have two triangular hooks on either side, to give you maximum support and the peace of mind that the strap shouldn't come undone while lifting That’s why these cable attachments for gym are the ideal straps fitness trainers love!DIVERSITY: Our RIMSPORTS' ankle wraps can be used by both men and women and the color variety we provide makes us the top go-to brand for lifestyle sports gear Our ankle straps for cable machines are designed to cater to your individual style From its superior padding to its sleek design, our leg straps for exercise were developed to be used on workout machines for home gym and on as traditional gym accessories, giving you that added resistance needed to conquer #thatftinesslifeProduct Description RIMSports' ankle straps are unlike others, especially those that claim to be stronger, because our cuffs are uniquely designed. They have double padding on the inside and are oval shaped, which make them comfortable to fit over your ankle and easy to get on. Our ankle cuffs also have triangular loops on the sides, which help keep the straps securely in place and the cable clips stable.Why use our RIMSports ankle straps?Some key features of our newly designed ankle strap include the neoprene padding that cushions the back of the ankle, making for a more comfortable workout. The elongated Velcro strap was created in such a way as to wrap around the strap, so as to give added support when lifting heavier weights. The double triangular loops on either side of our ankle cuff were uniquely fashioned to allow for ease of use when threading the strap, while also providing unmatched support so you can push your exercises to the max. KEY FEATURES AND ADVANTAGES OF OUR RIMSPORTS ANKLE STRAPSRIMSports Ankle StrapsRIMSports' ankle straps are lightweight, durable, and strong so you can workout in comfort and confidence. Why choose our RIMSports Ankle Straps? Our RIMSports ankle cuffs have a wide padded strap that wraps around the entire ankle, giving you added security as well as protection.The straps are also made from durable nylon construction, which makes it tougher to rip or tear apart when using heavier weights. With crisscrossed stitching, the padding stays intact and will not come loose, especially when the material is rubbing against your ankle.The double triangular loops, that are unique to our design, can accommodate almost any pulley machine with ease.The added padding and additional piping are the straps, cradle the back of the ankle with comfort so no chaffing occurs.Unlike other straps on the market, our elongated Velcro strap folds over the front to provide added support and a secure hold. PROTECT YOUR ANKLES WHILE DOING KICKBACKS AND ABDUCTIONSRIMSports AdvantageRIMSports ankle straps are unique because they have two triangular loops at the ends. These put you at an advantage because most lower-body exercises on cable machine are done standing or slightly bent at the hips, and you need additional support to bear the pressure of not only the stationary weights but your body weight as well. Having two loops instead of one distributes the weight and pressure evenly, making for a more comfortable and secure workout.Our RIMSports Ankle Straps also come as a pair, while others are sold individually. We felt that including two straps was important because when focused on your reps and maintaining proper form, you don't have the time nor energy to switch the strap between ankles. This means that our RIMSports will not only save you money (2 for the price of 1) but also save you time as you try to finish your abduction or kickback set on both sides.RIMSports Ankle Straps were created to protect your ankles when using the cable machine.RIMSPORTS' ANKLE STRAPS PROVIDE YOU WITH ENHANCED SUPPORTProduct Features:Tailored Protection: Edges are reinforced with foam so above and below the ankle is completely cushioned.Enhanced Support: Triangular hooks provide double support so you can safely lift heavy weights.Functional Velcro: The elongated Velcro strap adds another layer of protection since it extends along the strap.Quality Construction: Our strap is made from high-quality stretchable material that makes it stronger.Unique Comfort: The soft neoprene material inside our straps make it easier for them to bend with you as you move.RIMSports’ “HOW TO” INSTRUCTIONS:To get the most out of your new RIMSports ankle straps, follow the below instructions:Step One: Attach our RIMSports interchangeable ankle strap to a cable-resistance machine or resistance tubing via the triangular loops.Step Two: Connect the easy open-close metal clip from your machine to the secure triangular closure on the ankle strap to begin your exercise.Step Three: Hold on to your cable machine and move your leg up to waist level and then stretch it backwards, squeezing your glutes as you increase your reps.Benefits of using Ankle Straps:Ankle straps help you to use your core and keep your legs positioned while doing kickbacks or abductions, as opposed to relying on the pull-down cable to do it for you. Using a cable ankle strap also helps to keep you from using your legs to balance because the strap keeps you grounded; your hands are free so you can focus on maintaining proper body form.It also improves your leg stance at the ankle, knee and hip level, which are all essential areas to focus on when developing your lower body. Improved stability in these areas also improves your agility and balance. ...

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