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Your business right now...

We know that you may spend countless hours on the computer scouring eBay looking for items to sell...wondering what on earth to sell in your eBay store. We know how hard it can be trying to find an item to sell that you can make a profit with.

Information overload

You and I both know there is a ton of information (most of it useless) out there on how to make money on eBay. After all your time spent studying these courses, with hours and hours of effort and self sacrifice and money invested, you may have nothing to show for it but an empty wallet.

Shall we say the unthinkable??

The bottom line is - that unless you know how to find profitable items to sell in your eBay store ... you are NOT going to be successful. No money and no profits means no freedom, independence, financial security - and your dreams of becoming a successful eBay seller going down the drain. I know what it’s like to be facing that possibility.

How happy are our family members?

Our Features

We Are Expert in Ebay Analytic Research
Product Research
Product Research
ZIK is a highly advanced research software that enables you to research the best products by:
  • Keyword
  • Title
  • USA or UK markets
  • Minimum and maximum price
  • And date range
Title Analytics
Title Analytics
Keywords Research tool
An Advanced long tail keyword algorithm to research best buyer keywords to see how much money the keyword generated.
You can locate profitable Keywords and check out the profitable ‘buyer keywords’ people are using to make money on eBay...See what the competition level is... and how many times the item sold by using those keywords.
Competitor research
Competitor research
Spy on your best competitors
In order to be successful – you just need to model what other successful people are doing. You can see the results from different top competitors on eBay in a matter of seconds. This will enable you to model the exact products and markets that your most successful competitors are working with, and even become better.
Store Analytics
Store Analytics
Learn how to improve yourself Get instant access to all the store statistics you need to run a highly profitable eBay business including all the...
  • Sell through
  • Sales earnings
  • Active listings
  • Average selling price
  • Best sold items in the last 30 days
Merchant research
Merchant research
This is an advanced tool for making your store even more profitable. You will be able to instantly monitor the following information...
• How many people viewed items in your store
• How much they bought
• How much revenue was generated
• You can see the Conversion rates of viewers to sold items
• You can calculate the earning per view (EPV) -brand new invention.Vital for your success!
Educational Webinars
Educational webinars
Not sure where to start? We prepared courses for You!


With just six month working in the ZIK research method - I managed to reach $50,031.32 revenue.