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Youphoria Yoga Towels - Microfiber Non Slip Yoga Mat Towel 24 x 72 Choose Color

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Youphoria Yoga Towel - (24"x72") - Microfiber Hot Yoga Towel to Improve Your Grip! - Perfect for Bikram Yoga Towel, Ashtanga Yoga Towel, Hot Yoga Towel - Non Slip, Skidless If Dampened Brand New Size: 24-Inch-by-72-Inch About the Product NON-SLIP & SKID-LESS – You will have peace of mind that your towel will stay in place for the duration of your Yoga experience. Apply water for best results.EXTENDS MAT LIFE AND REDUCES RISK OF BACTERIA - These machine washable yoga towels add a hygienic layer between you and your mat, reducing the risk of harmful bacteria spreading to your skin and saving you time on cleaning your mat.SUPER ABSORBENT & QUICK DRYING – Made with ultra-light weight, moisture wicking microfiber, This yoga towel outperforms ordinary cotton or polyester towels.PERFECT SIZE - This 24" x 72" yoga towel is the perfect size for any yoga mat. Product descriptionYou Sweat, It Grips.Youphoria Yoga Towels are everything you want from a yoga towel. Super absorbent, quick-drying microfiber allows you to hold your yoga poses without slipping when you hands or feet get sweaty. Towel is sized to fit straight on top of your standard (24" x 72") yoga mats. Youphoria Yoga Towels provide a hygienic barrier between you and your mat, are hypo-allergenic, and absorb 7 times its weight in water (or sweat!). Machine washable, unlike your yoga mat. Extends your yoga mat life. Best used with Youphoria Yoga Mats of course.Features and Specifications:* Slip-Resistant Microfiber* Sized to fit most yoga mats* Super absorbent, dries faster than the competition* Creates a hygienic barrier for your mat, extending mat life!* Machine Washable - unlike your yoga mat! ...

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