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Best Turmeric Curcumin w/ Bioperine. Award Winning Professional Strength 95%

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Best Turmeric Curcumin Supplements - 95% Curcuminoids With Piperine Black Pepper Extract. 1950mg NON-GMO Easy to Swallow Curcumin Capsules. Aid For Heart Health Joint Pain Anti-Inflammation & Focus 90 Capsules by Naked Supplements Best Turmeric Curcumin w/ Bioperine. Award Winning_Professional Strength -95% Curcuminoids. Doctor Formulated. Non-GMO, Vegan, GF, NO Fillers or Binders. Backed by Research. 3rd Party Tested Best Turmeric Curcumin Extract Supplement with BioPerine and CurcuWin 46x More.. Brand New Made in USA Expires 2019 Expiration date is located within the lot number on the bottom of the bottle. The last four digits are the expiration date. Month/year. About the Product UP TO 3 MONTHS SUPPLY. - Many brands use a cheap Turmeric extract that is not standardized. With each serving of Naked Supplements, you will receive the full health benefits of Turmeric (1725mg) and Curcumin (225mg). 95% Curcuminoids, with Black Pepper Extract. Our Turmeric and Curcumin with Bioperine are third Party Tested to assure the highest quality and purity of each batch.46X MORE ABSORBENT. In a well-controlled human clinical trial comparing commercial curcumin products, Naked Supplements Curcumin increased relative absorption of total curcuminoids 46-times over standard curcumin and was signi´Čücantly more bioavailable than other enhanced forms. Our Curcumin contains a minimum 20% curcuminoids in the same profile as found naturally in turmeric.ANTIOXIDANT POWERHOUSE. Turmeric Curcumin supports healthy brain and cardiovascular function, weight loss, and mood. JOINTS, PAIN, ANTI-INFLAMMATORY. Turmeric Curcumin has been shown to help inflammation, joint pain and promote heart health when used in conjunction with healthy eating*Made in the USA in an FDA certified lab. 90 veggie capsules. Our Curcumin contains no soy, milk, egg, shellfish, corn, wheat, and peanuts.Product DescriptionNaked Supplements offers you our exclusive Turmeric Curcumin. Packed with antioxidant rich polyphenols and BioPerine black pepper extract our Turmeric Curcumin has been clinically tested and shown to have a 46X higher absorption. Together with our 95% curcuminoid rich curcumin extracts these supplements help to aid and assist in a host of health conditions including heart health, joint pain, and circulation, all while helping to aid, improve, and sharpen focus and concentration. 1950mg easy to swallow veggie capsules are taken once daily to aid conditions such as sore and stiff joints, stiff back, aching knees, elbows, or hips. The antioxidant rich active polyphenols in our curcumin also help to rid the body of unwanted toxins & impurities for a powerful and purifying cleanse. Turmeric Curcumin has also been shown to aid in improved circulation and blood flow making it an ideal supplement for heart health and improved balance. Proudly made in the USA, Our turmeric curcumin is developed at a Good Manufacturing Practices and FDA certified facility ensuring the latest & safest techniques. At Naked Supplements we stand behind each and every bottle of our turmeric curcumin with a no questions asked customer satisfaction guarantee. If at anytime you are unhappy with your daily curcumin supplements feel free to return them for a full and prompt refund. At Naked Supplements we are committed to providing you and your family with the highest quality, most effective, and safest supplements available. If at anytime you have questions or comments about our products we would love to hear from you. NON GMO Turmeric Curcumin Supplements 1950mg Easy To Swallow Veggie Capsules Natural Ingredients Made in the USA at and FDA regulated facility. 30-90 day servings.Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement , take three capsules one time per day, preferably with a meal, or as recommended by a healthcare professional. ...

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