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KabelDirekt HDMI Repeater for Connections up to 40m (female to female) 1080p

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KabelDirekt HDMI Repeater for Connections up to 40m (female to female) Full HD 1080p - TOP Series Brand New About the Product HDMI Repeater for resolutions up to 1080p (1920 x 1080p) Full HD (audio transmissions included)Female to Female: Perfect if you would like to connect 2 HDMI cables of the same lengthPassive HDMI repeater - No power supply requiredATC Certified Production + KabelDirekt Quality ControlProduct descriptionStyle:female to femaleKabelDirekt Full HD 1080p HDMI repeater (for connections up to 40m) - TOP SeriesThe passive KabelDirekt HDMI repeater solves signal-related problems with longer HDMI connections. The HDMI repeater amplifies weak HDMI signals.Resolutions up to Full HD 1080p are supported. The HDMI repeater is full compatible with the HDMI specification 1.4a.Quality controlKabelDirekt stands for quality. Therefore, as for every KabelDirekt product, a strict quality control takes place at the certified production. ...

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